Our club is the only American Vaulting Association club in Northern Nevada, it has been developing into a firm competitive club. The team is young flexible and dynamic, we focus on working together to be successful. A team includes the horse Lunger and Coach. We strive for teamwork, trust, and an open mind!

What to wear:
In the cold weather LAYER LAYER LAYER! vests, sweats, leggings, layered socks, beanies, tight gloves – – make sure you stay warm, our winters can be cold
For warmer weather
stretchy leggings or gym pants,t-shirt that can be tucked in
non hooded jacket, no dangling laces or large buttons
What to bring:
soft soled shoe – gymnastic, dance, water or tennis shoes (no boots).
long hair is worn in braids or a pony tail
large water and sunscreen
Bring a friend or family member to take pictures of your first lesson!

Leave home: your jewelry, candy, gum, sugary drinks, snacks

First month just to try it 75.00
drop in; for a group lesson 30.00 – for vaulters who have had at least 4 lessons
monthly, open to all classes 130.00
Individual One on One 55.00

We also offer private clinics for your group, such as Home school groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Pony Clubs and Equestrian organizations.

Mary Pollard – coach and lounger – She has worked with and had horses since she was 12. Having vaulted in her youth, she fell in love. So when the thought of a horse business in Reno came about – – vaulting in Reno was the answer!!

Deeta Peterson – our lounger – she has horses for most of her life. She has been lunging vaulting horses for 2 years.

Pahrump (Rumpy) – He is a 17 year old Thoroughbred. Rumpy has been vaulting for 5 years. He is our main horse for lessons, team, demos and competition.

Tahoe Tessie – She is a 18 year old Belgium. Tessie is learning to vault and will become our walk/trot hose.

Nacho – He is a 22 year old Paso Fino. He specializes in teaching confidence. He loves people and gives his all.

Location 12060 Lemmon Drive Reno, Nevada Phone 775 356-5861 office E-mail silverstatevaulters@gmail.com Hours We have lessons most Saturdays. And then during the week after work hours.
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